Thursday, February 9, 2012


"It has to be Brazilian hair or nothing, i don't even do lace front wigs, so synthetic hair is not an option"
" She just broke my $300 Louis Vuitton glasses"

"I am sorry honey but you wont catch me with last season's Louis Vuitton purse"

"Why don't you have a Blackberry, how do you expect our relationship to work?"

" i want a pink Range Rover for my thirtieth birthday" (second year in a row she is turning 30)

"I want iPad 3 for Christmas"

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Katie Spade, Aldo, Prada,Versace, Calvin Klein, Coach , Apple, Blackberry, Android, Brazillian Hair, Remi Hair,Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover,,, the list is endless, i could go on and on because we consumers are faced with so many Brand names and different models keep coming out and we have to keep keeping up with the brand name epidemic.
The Brand name syndrome has caught a lot of people, they are so consumed with getting a lot more of these things and  it also defines their identity. I met a fool that thought that his Louis Vuitton belt was all there was to his life and he seemed to regard people who didn't have an brand name clothing as nothing. 
A certain class of people can afford name brand things without breaking a sweat, the other class will owe money to get name brand stuff so that the can belong. The point is the first class of people have accumulated money, the other class are just trying to look like they have money, trying to impress people who don't even like them and it makes them one thing. BROKE!!!!!!!!
My own perspective on Brand Name is for one, its not a bad thing, it is absolutely and terrifically awesome if you can AFFORD it. If you can pay cash for any of the above, that will be fine.  I have come across people who will not pay off their student loans but will flash their latest Gucci sunglasses or their Louis Vuitton purse from this season at you. 
There are men who love to show high quality but these thirsty men will never buy you a drink at the club.If you check their account balance at the ATM machine, its either low or just plain broke. The funny thing is that they may have borrowed the money to get them into the club.

Some ladies drip and smell of money in their Louboutins and their Brazillian hair but they cant even pay rent,they may be paying off their acquisitions on a credit card which will take a while. 
I will not spend too much money on anything that will not appreciate in value like a house or expensive jewellery. I don't have shares with Coach or Louis Vuitton even though i like their stuff but spending $300 on sunglasses that my friend may sit on in my car and break the frames would be ridiculous. The Hair craze is also another syndrome, the most important thing you need to know whether it is synthetic, Brazillian, Indian Remi ,Futura and what not you decide to put on your hair, realize that it is NOT your hair. I get excited with hair and after six weeks the hair goes in the garbage can, so whether it is Italian, Nigerian, Brazilian hair it is not your hair. 


  1. For some people, i guess it's a status symbol. Like you said, as long as you can afford it without breaking a sweat, then it's fine. For those who wana "feel among", it's just pathetic. BB Porsche my behind

  2. Lool at your examples.

    I personally dont believe that what I wear adds any value to me in anyway. I make the clothes valuable, the clothes dont make me valuable.

    Ask the movers and shakers of the world, people who have made real impact, it had nothing to do with the brand they wore. Thats who I wanna be

  3. Some people just believe they can buy status. Not to brag but I was walking with a guy that was decked up in known fashion brand, while I was in a plain white t -shirt and shorts. The guy next to me was called "hustler" while I was assumed to be the one with bar.

  4. @adebsrk, word!!!!!
    In actual sense sef, person wey get money nor dey really flaunt designer stuff! Even most of their designers dont make mass production...all na Haute Couture! Dem nor dey do laulau

    Long and short of it is that brand name doesnt automatically get you status. The carriage and personality have to be added to it.

  5. I'll go for the cheaper alternative any day...even if i can afford to buy the name brand. Some things are just stupid to waste money on in my opinion...why spend $800+ on a pair of shoes that are going to hit the same dirt, mud and pavement as a pair of $50 shoes that look just as nice? I say if you must splurge, splirge on things that actually matter!
    That whole feeling among just proves how little some people know about designer clothing/accessories. A monogram LV bag might be a few hundred, but a plain and simple LV bag with a single logo the size of your pinky nail will cost you thousands. People who can afford such luxuries buy for the fact that they are made better, people who want to feel among buy so they can flash a label (which in turn is just giving the company free advertisement).

  6. You all could not have said it any better, @adebrsk,lmao for being called a hustler, @Honey Dame, i personally agree with you,most of the people with money don not flaunt their wealth, they invest it, na poor man thing to dey do shakara sometimes.@ilola for real oh, Steve Jobs that had all that money, he wore simple stuff turtle neck and jeans, if na poor man now, the jeans has to have a label or brand name and na credit card dem go take pay am off.