So i have this friend, we were having a discussion one day and she was telling me about the guy she was dating and how conservative he was with money unlike most other guys she had dated. He told her that she had very expensive taste and tried to help her spend rationally. It is true sha... this my friend can spend money like she is drinking Eva water.
She told me that he said her "exotic weave" was expensive and it was better for her to get her natural hair done at the shop since it was long and luscious and that was where wahala started.
"Why is he telling me that my Brazilian hair is expensive, shebi he saw me with it the first day he met me and he liked it, now we are dating, ordinary eighty thousand naira to buy hair, he is telling me story, please there are other men out there willing to spend more on me, if he is not interested, he can leave"
I didn't even know what to say right after she made the comment because

1) They were in a committed relationship, He had already met with her parents, she already told him the type of ring she wanted, all that was left was the perfect proposal.
2) This chic was making six figures and had a steady job.
3) She is over thirty years old.

This brings me to my point. The first point made him a potential husband, not a boyfriend, not a chewing gum boy or boyfriend and he cared so much for her, he also tried to help her to be rational. This was my response to her.

"Darling if you have a good job and you are out of school and over thirty years old and you are crying because you did not get 80K to buy your weave and you want to leave a potential somebody, the juju somebody did for you must be working"
She didn't expect that response from me. We kept talking and then i explained it to her.
This is what i mean. We females were brought up under the notion that a man has to take care of our needs.
It is very correct.Keyword NEEDS not WANTS, even if it is wants, something he can afford. That is the role of a HUSBAND.
As a boyfriend, it is up to him to do that, he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to.
A man who loves his lady will show her that in a thousand ways and more. Ladies, pay attention to how he treats you, Exotic hair doesn't always prove love.
This is my fair judgement, if a woman is at least thirty years old, has finished school, has a job, she has no business begging a man to buy Brazilian, Malaysian, Chinese or whatever citizenship of hair she decides to put on her head. As a woman, hair is part of grooming, take great pride in maintaining your hair yourself, begging a man for money at that age to buy hair sounds to me like a man asking a woman money to cut his hair, i know in monetary value they are different but it sounds like that to me. Every relationship is different but while dating abeg do shakara small.


  1. Lmao! True True True!!!!!

    I have to start paying attention now!
    When I see a lady i am interested in, I would be like "What is the name of this hair", who is the maker? I am sure it cost alot to get it done?

    Once i do this research and know the name of the hair, I will go to my friend's mum's shop to ask her about it.

    She's been an hair-dresser more than 15years.

    Anyways, ladies should take it easy oooo.

    Thank you for posting this Lola

    1. That is how you will set yourself up to be buying Exotic hair for the rest of your life

  2. Your friend has some years to spare
    Friends that hit the nail on the head like you are rare
    Ladies reason alike, don't they ?
    Am glad you've wise up to see light rays
    I pray she listens before its too late
    Else, she may have herself too blame
    ................. Smile

  3. LOL. I would have responded the same way you did. Personally, i am not a spender like that and i'd appreciate a guy who knows how to manage his wallet, as i've dealt with the kinds who eyes are blinded by shining things and then have to sort out how they'll be paying the bills for the month as a result.

    1. Girl, everyday we learn something new and i will tell you the truth real quick

  4. Your response to her was on point. I think her idea of a good man is faulty. When babies start coming and serious responsibility hits, that's exactly the kind of man that fits her spendthrift itch.

    1. I love the word "faulty" on all levels oh, she is very shallow but trust me marriage and kids will change everything


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