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Hey everyone
Its been almost three years. I have missed this space and all the beautiful people that I have met on here.
I guess  I will make a come back. How have you all been?


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LLNP Long Life and Prosperity

A year ago, I started noticing on a common trend from my Nigerian friends when it comes to wishing people a happy birthday.  I have seen stuff like
Tara Thomas HBD Amaka, LLNP.
Ijeoma Onyechie Samantha HBD,LLNP

I am sorry but I naively thought that it was a form of title of some sort. You never can tell these days, Nigerians come up with something new and hip every day until I figured HBD was Happy birthday but LLNP meant what? On Amaka’s wall I saw the word LLNP so many times so I decided to ask someone and they told me it meant “Long life and prosperity”. * the light bulb comes on in my head* In my own opinion it is a birthday wish, you might as well write out the whole word especially if it is heartfelt, Face book has made it easy for one to wish people a happy birthday even when you don’t remember all you need to do is glance at the “Birthdays” section on you Face book page and alas you know whose birthday it is and start typing, HBD, LLNP. Hmm. Just to let you know, I wont do that to yo…


I walked from my dorm room to class, I was too tired and I had not yet finished my Intro Tech homework. I would do some work during morning prep before going for assembly. I got to the door of my class and opened it, I was greeted with something flying in my direction, the sticky and moist paste was all over my body and I dripped from head to toe, my books were stained on the covers with whatever it was that was flung on me. “Happy Birthday” my classmates screamed out loud laughing. I tried to find the humor in the situation but honestly it wasn’t funny and to make matters worse, it wasn’t even my birthday. “It’s not my birthday and what it is this al over my body?” I asked in disgust as I wiped what looked like garri flakes and Kellogg’s cornflakes off my body. “What do you mean by its not your birthday?” asked  Linda, one of my classmates. “My birthday is tomorrow not today, tomorrow is the 16th” I said. There was a puzzled look on their faces. I was not sure why? They were probably misin…