Monday, February 8, 2016


Here is a personal edition of me.
I never really talk about my personal self on my blog, i just write stories, so i decided to start doing that this year, maybe it will help my readers decide the type of person i am and at least get to know me better.

So i will tell you a little about my purse called Porscha.
She is a black, leather Coach purse a Fall 2012 edition and Porscha is my everyday purse, i rarely change her or rather switch with another purse except when i am travelling and then Obiageli the big, grey purse will be used for smuggling. As you can see, Porscha's handles are a little worn out and i need a new purse but her stomach aspects carries everything i need. I also haven't found a really good replacement bag.

Anyone who has been around me will know that my purse is usually a proverbial "bottomless pit". I carry everything in my purse from pens, to markers, receipts, headphones everything, i cleaned out my purse the other day and decided to show off her contents.

Haha my Kindle Tablet is like my best friend, very good to use during long waits or when i am bored at work. My compact mirror, my two favorite perfume roller balls,to freshen up. My wallet. That wallet contains everything,receipts, about ten different cards, money and it is heavy. Hot pink is my favorite color. My iPod for listening to music with the Aux cord in my car, i am missing my headphones which i left at home today. I like keeping nail polish in my purse for those chips and quick touch ups, i recently started letting my natural nails grow and then painting them. I don't wear fake nails and since i am very domestic my nails easily get chipped, after a week i take the polish off and redo it, My hand cream is an essential in my purse because i have very dry skin. And also my foundation . My make up bag is usually in my car but i keep my foundation with me because varying the temperatures may degrade the chemicals in the make up, in the summer liquid make up may turn to gas if you are not careful. Lol. Just kidding. 
These are the essentials of my purse.
What's in your purse?

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