Thursday, February 4, 2016


Nguyen is one of the most common Vietnamese names since i have lived in the United Statesn for over a decade. There young ladies were tired of getting asked questions like "Are you related?". It can be frustrating. When i was in high school, there was another girl in the same Year as i was who had the same last name, actually two, we were not at all related. These young ladies took to their Year Book to let their mates know they were not related.

Do you think this is cool or nah?
I love it.

History behind the last name
Many Vietnamese changed their name or were rewarded the honored name "Nguyen" during the Nguyen dynasty's rule, so a man who had his name changed, would marry a woman, who's name would now be Nguyen, who'd have many children, all of them all being Nguyen as well, and so on until now, many Vietnamese surname is Nguyen.

Culled from Yahoo and Reddit

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