Sunday, February 7, 2016


The uninvited "Sisi" was shell shocked. I stood there watching her every move. Before i could say "Jack Robinson". Her cell phone began to ring. She opened her purse where the phone was and pulled it out, she looked at the screen and frowned. She pressed a button on the side of the phone and the ringing stopped. She put the phone back into her bag.
She looked at Olisa who wasn't even saying her any attention. She stood up and then her phone began to ring again.
"Answer the damn phone" Olisa said disgustedly. She walked towards the door not even looking back, i followed closely behind so i could open the door for her and lock it after she stepped outside. She got to the door and opened it herself. I watched her walk away. She was too embarrassed to look back. I locked the door and went back into the kitchen.

It was my first time off since i started working at Lady D's house and i was excited to be off from work for seven days. Lady D had to go to London for a week, the children were back on campus and she told me to go and stay with my aunt because i would be bored by myself in her huge house and it was a good way to escape to go and see my family. The driver dropped her off at the airport, while i got my things ready upon his return,he would drop me off at my aunt's house.
There was a knock at the door and then the door bell rang. Who could that be? Lady D was not in town and the children knew better than to come home in their mother's absence. She was not around to give them money.
 I hesitantly walked to the door and peeped through the eye hole. It was Chief Thompson. What could he possibly want, his girlfriend was not here. I opened the door.
"Good afternoon sir" i greeted.
"My darling Grace, how are you?" he responded cheerfully as he walked into the house and the smell of his perfume seemed to linger a little bit in the air.
"I am fine sir" i replied as i didn't know what else to say.
"Good" he replied as he sat down in his usual spot and crossed his leg. I was unsure of how to react because no one else would come into the house and i had to get my things ready before the driver got to the house. He beckoned to me to come to where he was. i nervously walked over to where he was.
" Do you want something to eat?" i asked him praying he would not say yes because the last soup in the fridge was what Olisa took to school and that meant i would have to start a new dish, why in the world did i answer the door bell. i could have just ignored.
"No" he responded to my relief. Whew.
"What about something to drink?" i asked knowing that would be easy, he loved Heineken and we had a full stock of that in the fridge by the bar.
"Nothing to drink thank you" he replied. Okay so why is he here? i became curious. He was looking at me in a funny way, i began to wonder what he was thinking,
"Madam traveled" i said.
" I am aware of that" he replied and smiled.
"Okay" i replied not knowing what else to say, there was an awkard silence and i almost caught myself scratching my hair.
"Can i ask you a question?" Chief Thompson asked me.
"Yes sir" i replied.
"Are you experienced?" he asked.
"What type of experience?" i replied, i hope this old man was not trying to be funny because i am good at putting people in their place.

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