Thursday, February 11, 2016


Chief grinned. The kind of foolish grin old, silly men his age would display.
"Why are you acting like a little child?" he said to me.
I raised my eyebrows to show my disapproval of whatever he was going to say next, what was he thinking. Sex. I would never have sex with a man old enough to be my father,the last person who broke my heart Charles, was the man i was willing to give my virginity to but he was seriously in lust with Ada who was willing to open her legs for anything. Charles was madly in what i would call lust with her because he heard from one of the local champions that she was good in bed and spoke correct English, thanks to her cousins who lived in Port Harcourt.
"I don't understand sir" i responded.
"Well, i will tell you, i like you a lot" he said
"Thank you sir" i managed to respond, maybe this was not sexual after all but one part of me said he wanted to go down there.
"You are welcome" he replied and cleared his throat. "Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked me.
I was right, i knew where this was going but now would lying be the best option, it wont help me here for one i am confined to work in this mansion with the chances of having a one night stand or even seeing the face of a man to be very slim or equal to none. I might as well be a nun living in a convent.
"No i don't have a boyfriend" i replied and then Olisa came to my mind.
"Great" he replied and smiled. I was trying to figure out what was great about not having a boyfriend. The conversation was beginning to sound weird and i was really beginning to wish that i could escape to somewhere else, why hadn't the driver come back from the airport yet.
"I really like you Grace and i want to give you a great opportunity" Chief told me.
"What is the opportunity?" i asked curiously.
"Before i tell you, what plans do you have for going to school?" he asked me as he adjusted his seating position and crossed his legs.
"I plan to go to the university if i do well in my JAMB" i told him.
"How were your WAEC results?" he asked me.
"I passed all my subjects, i just need to take JAMB" i replied,
"Is your aunt aware of your plans?" he asked. I didn't know what to say, we never discussed it even though she knew that was the sole reason i came to stay in the city.
"Not in full details" i said. It was the truth.
"Well i don't think she has any further plans for you in my own opinion" he said. What was he trying to prove.
"Why do you say that?" i asked.
"If you end up in this house, you can't go back" he replied with a wicked grin.

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