Thursday, February 4, 2016


I was beyond humiliated. What was going on with Olisa? He had never spoken to me in that manner before. The worst part of it all was that i had to go and ask her what she would eat or drink after being embarrassed in front of her,. I ran into the kitchen and washed my face. I had to give myself a few seconds to breather before showing my face to Olisa and his female guest in the living room. I didn't want to hint that i was upset or anything close to that. Nothing like keeping a good composure, it would only keep them guessing and that was the plan.
I walked out of the kitchen down the hallway into the living room to ask what Olisa and his guest would want to eat or drink. She was sitting on the sofa beside Olisa but the body language was sour. Olisa was flicking channels on the TV with the remote control while she sat beside him scrolling through her phone.
"What would you like to drink?" i asked her. She raised her head and looked at me also giving a very twisted smile, the type of smile which says "great i am glad you remember that you are still a servant in this house".
"What is there to drink?" she said and gave a fake laugh. Olisa turned and looked at her. I had to stifle a giggle that was about to come out, was she acting a movie or something because she was beyond ridiculous?
"Water, orange juice, Coke" i said.
"Water is fine" Olisa answered dryly.
She smiled at me and rolled one of the curls in her hair with her left hand. For a second i thought she was possessed because she didn't seem to be the same person standing outside earlier
"A glass of orange juice with ice" she said and giggled.
"Serve her water please" Olisa said looking sternly at me. I looked at both of them, she turned to look at Olisa with a rather surprised look on her face. I hated awkward moments and this was certainly one of them,
"Water? Are you serious Olisa, i came all the way to your house to visit you and all you want to offer me is water?" She shouted angrily at him.
"I didn't invite you, i don't even know how you found your way here but you sure are not welcome here so if you don't take what is offered to you, you have the right to leave" Olisa said. She looked shaken. Her face fell, like she was about to cry. Olisa didn't seem bothered by what he said and how it made her feel. So she was not even invited to the house and she was at the door acting like she was a diplomats daughter, i wished so bad Olisa would give me the chance to disgrace her before leaving but he seemed to heated.In my head i rejoiced,this was pure victory.