Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I was stunned. It was the familiar voice of nobody else but Adaeze who seemed to manifest into places when she was least expected.
" I repeat what is going on here?"Adaeze repeated loud and clear as she walked towards us Olisa removed himself from my embrace.
"Nothing ma" I said as I put my hands nervously behind back.
"Nothing" she repeated and gave me unfriendly look.
"What do you want?" Olisa asked her coldly.
"What do I want?" she repeated his statement and cast a glance at me and then back at him. Last time i checked this is my house and i have the right to go anywhere i want" she replied.
"Okay supervisor since you are busy supervising the affairs of this house, you walked into an emotional moment"Olisa replied sarcastically.
"Olisa, you are crazy" Adaeze yelled.
"What's your problem, every time you snoop around the house expecting everyone to be afraid of you" Olisa said.
"Because you are in the kitchen romancing the maid and you just got caught and what did you buy for her anyway, what is in this bag" Adaeze said and snatched the bags that i put on the floor and opened it, Olisa looked angrily at her and snatched the bags from her.
"Mind your business Adaeze," he said as he snatched the bags from her. I was confused,my biggest fear was not both of them having a usual squabble but Lady D walking into the kitchen to meet the commotion.
"So you went to Sweet Sensation to buy food that the maid will cook for you," Adaeze sneered. She had seen the Sweet Sensations food bag.
"Adaeze what is your problem now?" Olisa asked angrily.
"You and Grace are my problem, don't you have a girlfriend on campus better than Grace, polished educated" Adaeze said in a tone that hit me down my spine.
"Is there anything wrong with me buying something?" I said all of a sudden. I found my voice and maybe I needed to start speaking up for things to change instead of just being an obedient servant as usual, not saying anything to avoid drama.
"Look at this shameless she goat, you are not even afraid to talk, you are over here in the kitchen getting remnants while he goes to school and hangs opened your legs already, this emotional embrace is just a revelation"
Olisa grabbed her by the neck and shoved her to the fridge. I gasped not knowing what to expect next, she kicked him to let him loose grip but he was stronger than that.
"Adaeze i know you can be really stupid sometimes , you can also be a snob, but let this be the last time you say any demeaning thing to Grace in my presence ever again" he said right in her face and loosened his grip on her neck and dropped her.
She dropped to the floor holding her neck. She looked at me angrily, Olisa took the bags he brought for me and walked out of the kitchen.

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