Thursday, December 10, 2015


I was taken aback by what i had just heard, was this man professing "like" to me. I looked at him, apart from poverty, we were not of the same social standing in any way.
"Thank you" was all i managed to say
"No be just thank you matter, i really like you" he said with a smile. I didn't want to start trying to figure out what he meant by liking me.
"Okay Sunday, i have heard" i told him. It was the best way to end awkward conversations without getting into arguments.
"Grace, i never tell you this kind thing before, but i want make you believe anything i tel you, Sunday said to me in the calmest voice  i have ever heard him use to speak.
"Sunday please i have things to do, i need to go inside" i told him impatiently. I was tired of hearing his "like" story which was leading to nowhere.
"No vex" he said looking like his feelings were hurt. Just simple reverse psychology which would not work for me.
"Lets talk later" i told him. He didn't say anything, instead he put his hands in his pocket and walked away. I looked at him as he walked away,

Olisa came home this afternoon, he seemed very happy to see me. He greeted me warmly when i opened the door and went to see his mom and his sisters. I was mopping the kitchen floor when he came in with two bags.
"Grace, how are you?" he asked me looking into my eyes. He was wearing a baby blue polo shirt and navy blue jeans.
"I am fine Olisa, how are you doing? How is school? I asked.
"I am doing well, i brought this for you" he said and handed two bags to me which i nervously took from him.
"What is this for?" I asked him without looking at the content of the bags.
"A token of appreciation" he said and smiled. I opened the first bag, it contained food from Sweet Sensations. The second bag had new clothes with tags on them.
"Thank you for the food, but i cannot take the clothes" i replied.
"Why?" he asked, his facial expression had changed from straight up excited to puzzled.
"It is just a present" he said and looked into my eyes, i did not want to hurt his feelings but i know i already did.
"Any other thing but not clothes, they are expensive too, those are boutique clothes, where would i wear them to" i asked.
"You can wear them when you are off work, i just wanted to do something nice for you" he said.I began to feel like an ingrate of some sort.
"I really appreciate it Olisa but what have i done to deserve clothes" i asked him, sometimes things like this would end up having a form of payment due.
"Nothing, just being graceful" he said and began to walk away like he had just lost a battle. I didn't know what to do or even tel him but i also didn't want him to leave the kitchen sad.
"Wait Olisa, thank you so much, i truly appreciate the gesture" i said to him.
"Its okay, i just wanted to surprise you,but instead i ended up surprising myself" he said.
I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I hugged him and surprisingly he hugged me back too, We held each other.
The kitchen door opened, before i could react, a female face appeared shocked looking at both of us locked in an embrace.
"What is going on here?"


  1. Lol, When the kitchen door opened, I was like gbam gbam.....apparently everybody is.falling in love with Grace..... How lovely

    Thank you Ma..I pray chapter comes very soon

    1. It will come soon dear and hopefully another series. Thank you for reading

  2. AWWW, Thank you Didi for reading and yes there will be an update before the end of the week

  3. Lol! Lola oooooo, Lola oooooo, Lola oooooo, don't be afraid I am calling you with my Church-voice, i am not in any hidden dark place calling your name.

    This Grace of a girl is getting more popular ooo, chai.

    All I can say is "Wow" you are an amazing writer and may God keep pouring ideas to you.
    Not only do I love you, i also love your stories.

    God bless you

  4. thanks for this,stumbled on this on nairaland, n had to come in search of it,i hope u continue with d story though, with much more consistency,consistency keeps us readers glued. Thanks much once more,waiting for updates....

    1. Aww thank you Gloria, thanks for reading my blog and i will try to keep being consistent

  5. Grace!!!! Really!
    Lola I like how you are building the characters!!!