Monday, December 21, 2015


Boarders always made water seem like something out of an oasis. Surely. It seemed very precious to them especially cold water. As a day girl i was used to my fellow classmates who were boarders holding out cups begging for cold water to drink early in the morning and giving it to them was like a blessing. Water from home was unlike the dining hall water or any other place on campus and this  made Day girls prey to the thirsty boarders in the morning. There was this particular chic who was not so generous, she didn't seem to have compassion for those needy girls who begged for water, its like everyone expected her to say "no"so a lot of people gave up. No one even asked her for water. One day, it was time to go to the gym for P.E. Most of the girls in class left after changing into the PE outfits which consisted of white T shirts and shorts which were the colors of individual houses the student belonged to and left three girls behind. As soon as everywhere was quiet, the girl's laughed and this was the conversation that ensued between them.
"I guess i will take my time to get to the gym"said the first girl.
"I know" the second girl replied
"I am thirsty, i need to drink some water, who has water in this class?" the third girl said. The first girl struggled to take her shirt off revealing her black bra.
"There is water in the orange and white flask by the window, you know the owner is a miser" the second girl said.
"I don't understand why some people don't like to share, even to the point of ordinary drinking water," the third girl responded as she walked towards the location of the flask.
"You know what, lets finish the water," the second girl suggested.
"No, it would be too obvious, just drink to your heart's fill and i would spit inside the water," the first girl responded. The third girl opened the flask and poured out some water. The second girl went to her locker and brought out a blue cup.
"Pour some here, I will use it to soak garri later," she said as she handed the cup to the third girl who poured out some water. The first girl took the cup and poured some water into it and drank.
"Are you guys done with the water?" the first girl asked.
"Yes" the other two replied. The first girl spat inside the flask, shook the contents and covered it up. The three girls laughed.
"Watch, if you ask her for water, she will say no" the third girl said.
"You girls,lets go' the first girl said and the other two scrambled up their things and they walked out of the classroom towards the gym.

An hour later, most members of the class walked back to class. It was a relief and some girls sank into their seats, it was break time. Most of the girls started changing from their PE outfits back into their school uniforms. The owner of the flask went to her seat  not suspicious of anything. The three girls sauntered into the classroom laughing. The first girl walked to the owner of the orange and white flask that contained the water. The other two girls stood watching.
"Can i get a cup of water from you,' the first girl asked.
"No, i don't have enough water to give you" the flask owner replied.
"It's not fair oh, i haven't asked you for water at all this week, you have never given me water and see how I am begging you, its not fair" the first girl said. The flask owner said nothing, seeing the first girl was bent on getting some water she was forced to respond.
"Look, don't disturb me, I already said no" the flask owner responded as she took her flask which was sitting on the floor. She opened the flask and poured herself a cup to drink. She began to drink, the other two girls who were watching laughed. The first girl smiled contentedly. Mission accomplished!!!!!! In m my own opinion. Ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

Evidence: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


  1. Loooollll. This is the reality of boarding house. Both the miser and the spitting conspirators have character flaws, but one is more malicious than the other.

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