Friday, October 30, 2015


“Adaeze” Lady D yelled. Chief Thompson looked at her in amazement. He was not sure what was going on but he knew that Lady D could go from looking seemingly calm to going crazy and I am sure he couldn’t tell which of her sides had just come out. I held my breath as I heard Adaeze’s bedroom door open, I crouched close to the staircase so she wouldn’t see me, Adaeze was the witch of the house who seemed to appear when she was not called and intervened in matters that did not concern her. Adaeze walked majestically down the stairs, I heard her footsteps behind me on the stairs.
“Welcome mom” Adaeze said.
“What happened when I was not home?” Lady D replied ignoring her greeting.
“Nothing” she replied.
“What happened between you and Chief?” her mother asked sounding hostile. I am one hundred percent sure that Chief was smiling on the inside, since I crouched by the stairs I couldn’t see faces or gestures so I just had to guess reactions by the sound of their voices.
“Oh, nothing really, I just told Grace to make semolina or eba for him and he started shouting” Adaeze replied.
“I am not your age mate, Adaeze, do you understand” Chief shouted all of a sudden.
“There he goes again” Adaeze replied and chuckled.
“Calm down Chief, shouting won’t solve the problem, let me talk to her first” Lady D said.
“Talking to her won’t solve the problem either, she is just headstrong, I don’t know if it is because she is in the university, mind you I take care of her expenses” Chief bragged.
“I don’t care if you shove your money in my ass you are not my father” Adaeze replied rudely.
“Shut your mouth before I slap your teeth into eternity, are you crazy” Lady D shouted all of a sudden. I wasn’t expecting that at all. “How dare you talk to him in that manner, is he your age mate?” Lady D was on a different level of angry. 
I tried to peep out of my crouch position and I was able to see Adaeze’s face. She was speechless and surprised. Since I moved into this house I have never seen Lady D reprimand Adaeze for any reason even when she was wrong. 
It made Olisa angry especially when he tried to make his mother realize that Adaeze was just being a brat
"I ..,,.," Adaeze began after coming out of her speechless state.
"I said be quiet, what is wrong with you, you can't be the only one in this house that commits crimes against humanity, everyday Adaeze” Lady D said angrily. For once I respected what Lady D did. Adaeze was angry, I knew that tears would come out of her eyes if her mother said one more word. Adaeze folded her hands across her breasts.
“Oya, I want you to apologise to Chief” Lady D instructed. Adaeze opened her eyes wide.
“Apologise for what?” she asked.
“Are you talking back at me?” Lady D said and stood up from the sofa. This disciplinarian side of Lady D was rare. Adaeze retreated a step in shock.
“No” she responded.
“Better” her mother replied. There was an uncomfortable silence, as I waited for someone to act either speak or move, but no one did, Lady D and Chief Thompson looked at Adaeze waiting for a response but she seemed dumb all of a sudden.
“Adaeze” Lady D said.
“Yes” Adaeze replied reluctantly still with her hands folded across her chest.
“I don’t know or care about what is wrong with you or what you are going through, what I will no longer tolerate is your irate attitude in this house towards Chief and also towards your siblings, I have noticed you do it to the maid too” Lady D said, so she noticed that she did all that to me but pretended not to notice.
“Yes, Grace doesn’t need your nonsense behavior, she is a very good girl with good manners” Chief replied. I listened to him and smile, even though we didn’t start off on good ground, he appreciated me.
“Shut up Thompson” Lady D said.

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