Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Yesterday, i wished a friend on Twitter a happy birthday and then in turn i wrote "Many Happy Returns"
After sending the tweet, i looked at the sentence i composed and asked myself
"What does many happy returns mean?" I have said it all my life to friends and family also enemies  on their birthdays.

I decided to investigate why people say "many happy returns of the day" right after saying "Happy birthday"

The most logical explanation is

It is a prayer wishing one long life, returns of the day  means if the day returns next year and the year after for so many years till you become an old person.
With that said i would love to wish my dear friend on Twitter Demola Friday a very happy birthday and wishing him many many happy returns till infinity. He reads my stories and comments on them and i appreciate him.


  1. Thanks for educating us. I was never curious enough to find out.

    Words designed to Intimidate

    1. Lol. You are welcome sis, i just had to figure it out, every year many happy returns, returns of what?

  2. Wow! I am flabbergasted by this; before i write long message. I want you to know that "I love you" WHY?
    You have been supportive and even there when I was a mere stranger (I appreciate i)

    Yeah let's talk about the "Many happy return" of a thing, it has never occurred to me to find out what it meant until today that i am reading your dedicated-article-to-fridaydemola. According to Wikipedia it means you wish something would recur year after year as the person celebrates the event.

    But what do i know? prophetically speaking the Spirit of the Lord is helping you to get to where God has destined for you, you will never struggle in life by the power of the Holy-Spirit in Jesus' Name. Amen

    Someone told me that the cake is on it way, na true ?

    Thanks once again :)

    1. LMAO. Demola your responses are just hilarious. Thank you for the prayers o, I need them for the month of October and i wish you the same.
      The cake is at immigration check point. GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!!

    2. You are welcome oo Big sister mi, that cake no reach here oo. There is God! Next year should be better than this.

      Stay blessed