Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hey..Happy Resurrection week. I am sure you all had an amazing Easter. Let me make it better by sharing something lovely with you.
I am a blogger and also a writer but I feel I write more instead of blog as much as other bloggers do, I put one of my favorite stories on Okadabooks and guess what, its free. Its a recurring story on my blog. "the proposal" and I have also put a sneak preview of my next book "Alhaji " up for you to read. Please download the Okadabooks app to read my books and other talented Nigerian writer's stories. I would also love to get feedback. Thank you Beautiful..


  1. Just read the proposal. However, it's 7 pages (is that a mistake?), captivating and got me wondering if there's a sequel.

    1. Oh i started writing the sequel and yes it is only seven pages long, it started out as a joke which became a short story, now i want it as a series... It is also on this blog but as an excerpt,Thank you for reading...

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