Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This beautiful year is about to come to a close, this is my last year as a 20 something year old too. Ten years of being in the beautiful twenties has come and gone, it was the decade of being a young adult, meeting new friends,learning about life and also yearning for positive growth, now it is time to step it up into the next decade of self fulfillment, career and family. Whew!!!!
I am thankful to God for my life so far and the new things beyond coming soon.
What have I learned so far.
1. I am my own best friend. I fight my battles and I pray.
2. Failure is a sign that I have tried.
3. Looking beyond my nose to new adventures and taking risks worth it, it has paid off.
4. Retiring from a constant party scene is awesome I have replaced that habit with traveling. I went to two different states in 2013. I hope to do more than two next year. Bring it on.
5. Self love is the best love.
6. In relationships always be sure that the other person feels the same way, it is no use feeding a person that bites the hand.
7. Trust God always he listens 
8. Splurging on yourself is the best thing you can ever do, go ahead do it, you only live once
9  grab every opportunity that comes your way.
10. It is good to always have your friends back but protect yourself first.
11 People prove themselves if a person chooses to walk away let them go they did you an awesome favor
12. Meeting new people is not a bad idea, the experience is priceless

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